Bladder Accumulator Charging Kit, 100-3000 psi, 10FT Parker Hose


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The RGA-100-X series Charging and Gauging Assembly from Reasontek are standard tools for maintaining the Nitrogen pre-charge in hydro-pneumatic accumulators.

Gauges are available in different pressure ranges up to 3000 PSI. Other pressures and metric gauge markings are also available.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • No external leakage
  • All hardware included, replaceable parts list
  • High quality US made fittings, pressure gauge
  • 10′ US brand charging hose with standard right-hand thread nitrogen fitting (CGA-580)
  • Reusable cable ties provided for easy storage
  • High quality aluminum case for protection and east carry


Product # Pressure 
RGA-100-A 100 psi
RGA-100-B 300 psi
RGA-100-C 600 psi
RGA-100-D 1500 psi
RGA-100-E 3000 psi
RGA-100-F 5000 psi

Made in USA
High Quality Products Made in USA.


 Pressure 100 - 3000 PSI
Gas Bottle Connection  Standard CGA580
Gas Valve Charging Connection 0.305-32 UNS
Item # Description Qty
1 Body, Portable Mount 1Pc
2 Air Chuck 1Pc
3 Bleed Valve 1Pc
4 Tank Valve 1Pc
5 Pressure Gauge 1Pc
6 Swivel Connector 1Pc
7 Hose Assembly (10 feet) 1Pc
8 Coupler 1Pc
9 Gland 1Pc
10 Nut 1Pc



Charging Kit RGA-100-X