Air Chuck, High Pressure, Stainless Steel, 5,000 PSI., 1/8" NPT, RGA-002


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 Accumulator Charging Kit Air Chuck Diagram
1 Body, Portable Mount, RGA-001
2 Air Chuck, RGA-002
3 Bleed Valve, RGA-003
4 Tank  Valve, RGA-004
5 Pressure Gauge, RGA-005
6 Swivel Connector, RGA-006
7 Hose Assembly (10 feet), RGA-007
8 Coupler, RGA-008
9 Gland, RGA-009
10 Nut, RGA-010


    Made in USA
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    Maximum Pressure 5000 PSI
    Size 1/8 NPT - Male
    Part no. RGA-002
    Material Stainless Steel
    Fits .305-32 gas valve thread with a 1/8'' NPT male connection. Has core depressor pin and copper sealing washer. 


    Accumulator Charging Kit RGA-100, 3000PSI